Paul Fiore

-122 W26TH
-A Hanging
-A Turning Moment


Julia in the Light Room. 82x57. oil on canvas. 2015

Light Room(study). 12x9. oil on canvas. 2015

x--------o. 40x35. oil and enamel on linen. 2015. SOLD

x--------o (wall piece). 54x18. enamel on plaster mounted on L brackets. 2015

Boat (wall piece). 7 1/2x24 1/2. plaster. 2015

3AM. 60x72. oil and enamel on canvas. 2014

3AM (study). 22x28. oil on canvas. 2014. SOLD

Two Forty Three. 66x58. oil on canvas. 2014. SOLD

(360) 6x8 drawings variously composed of pencil, charcoal, watercolor, gouache, ink, tape, type writer ink, vellum, conte, colored pencil, inkjet prints, matte medium and gesso transfers on paper. 2013